About Booking Order

First client decides which tour is opened, keeping in mind which tours are most popular; to have a freedom of choice minimum 4 seats are required; you are always welcome to join a tour on another date.


Yes ! You will be surprised how easy it is to cycle around. Indeed, there are cows, cycle rickshawas and pedestrians to deal with, but just go with the flow. Of course, it helps a lifetime that we follow a carefully designed route and have the best bikes in town.

Yes, all of our guides are fluent in English. We always make sure there’s a Hindi speaking co-guide as well, just to make sure he can translate all the compliments of the local people…:-) If you like to have a private tour in a specific language please get in touch with DBC office.

We take maximum 9 participants in one group. Not only to give you the best value for money, but we also think that small group will give our tour the personal touch which we are famous for. If your group is of a bigger size, it can be split into 2, 3 or more sub groups, and still conducted on the same day.

Children are more than welcome! If needed we provide a baby seat at the back of your bicycle (free of charge). But every child is different. Some young kids can easily cycle in Old Delhi, while some older children have more difficulties. For children cycling themselves, we do have smaller bicycles, for which the child should be a minimum of 150cm tall and able to cycle of course. So parents, it’s your own judgement.

Yes we do! Daily we are offering 5 routes, though not every route is conducted every day. We are working from a ‘first comes, first decides’ base. The first booking(s) decide the route of the day and we fill it up to 9 participants. After which we open up another route (or the same if requested) and so on.

Cycling is a skill nobody ever forgets, just like swimming or walking. Once you are on a bike again, valued childhood memories will rise. But… we do ask for standard bicycle level, which actually means you should be able to ride a bike. If not, it’s always up to the guide to decide if a participant is allowed to continue the tour or not. After all, safety is important for all of us.


Payment has to be done in advance. Yes, we are glad to offer you credit card payment and other online payment modes. If you face any problem, please do get in touch with DBC office and we find a solution! International Debit Card issued by any bank is not accepted though.

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation and also the Order # that is immediately emailed to you after you make your reservation.

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.

It could be your internet connection. Sometimes the limited internet speed makes the data transfer difficult. It might be that the used address is not matching with the Credit Card address. You are not able to pay with International Debit Card. In case your Indian Debit card gets rejected, please do check with your bank if online payment facility is activated. In any case please do drop us a mail and we will find a solution!

Yes, of course! For group bookings: 9 and more participants – the discount is 10%, 18 and more participants – discount is 15%, 27 and more participants – discount is 20%. For Repeat Clients – 3rd time you attend, you pay INR 1350, the 4th time you pay full price but the 5th time is completely FREE!


As our tours cover areas in Old and New Delhi we have two different meeting points: For the Shah Jahan, Yamuna, Raj and Haveli tours please meet us at the underground parking opp. Delite Cinema at Asaf Ali Road (Old Delhi, near Turkman Gate). Known by every driver! For the Nizamuddin tour please meet us at main entrance of the Blind School at the crossing of Lodhi Road and Nizamuddin Basti flyover. The guide, with orange T-shirt, will be waiting for you to bring you to the bicycles.

Yes, of course bikes are included in the price. What would DelhiByCycle be without our own fancy looking and comfortable bikes. Our bikes are well maintained with adjustable seats, we are sure you can find a match 🙂 Therefore bringing your own bicycles is not an option.

Keep in mind that both Old Delhi and Nizamuddin are mainly traditional Muslim areas. So please dress according to the local customs, which means especially for the ladies: no shorts and sexy shirts! We also recommend not to wear toe-slippers for safety reasons. We are guests of the old city and its people, so please respect their customs. And do bring some warm cloths in winter time (December and January), it can be cold at departure time. In case the summer rain catches us, we do advice to provide for a rain coat for yourself.

Mineral water, chai (Indian tea) and soft drinks are all part of the tour. Also included are the snacks and a delicious breakfast Mughlai breakfast at famous Karim’s restaurant or Bengali Sweet House (depending on the route). The Haveli tour offers a great breakfast setting inside a heritage haveli. For the Nizamuddin tour we offer picnic in beautiful Lodi Gardens. So we would say there is no need.

Dogs (are other pets) are not allowed. Not because we don’t pet animals, but Delhi streets are full of stray dogs who defend their territory. They love our orange bicycles, but not if there’s a dog in the basket or running along. So please no dogs / animals on the tour.


There is a full refund of the booking fee for cancellations made by email (a confirmation from DBC is required), at least 48 hours prior to tour departure. There is no refund for any short notice cancellations, which means within these 48 hours. For cancellations done by DBC on the tour date itself due to weather conditions or security reasons, we offer free re-booking for an alternative date, or a refund of Rs.1750/- of the booking price. NOTE: DBC is the sole decision maker about such cancellation.

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.


In summer we beat the heat by leaving early. Rain is most likely in the three-month rain season (July/August/September). For cancellations done by DBC on the tour date itself due to weather conditions or security reasons, we offer free re-booking for an alternative date, or a refund of 1750 Rs. NOTE: DBC is the sole decision maker about such last minute cancellations.