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Shah Jahan Tour

Experience Old Delhi, intense and full of history. The Shah Jahan Tour is DelhiByCycle’s classic recipe for an exhilarating glimpse into the life and times

Raj Tour

Enter the Imperial heart of New Delhi. The Raj tour is a truly breath-taking ride down Delhi’s more recent history. Starting from the narrow labyrinthine

Nizamuddin Tour

Feel the soul of the Sufi shrines. A stimulating and ambitious introduction to the many lives of "Dilli" re-lived in true DBC style: through the

Delhi 6 Diaries

Old Delhi Walking Tour is more about the stories of Shahjahanabad, once one of the most beautiful cities on this planet. Taking you through the nostalgic

The Lodi Walk

Old Delhi Walking Tour is more about the stories of Shahjahanabad, once one of the most beautiful cities on this planet. Taking you through the nostalgic

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DBC is India’s first city cycle tour company. Started in 2009 and delivered lifetime experience to 30000+ travelers; DBC became a pioneer and inspiration for city cycle tours in India!

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Markus Wahl

Delhi Agra Cycle Trip

I‘ve enjoyed the two days cycle trip from Delhi to Agra very much. With both my tour guides I cycled through open green fields, saw beautiful small ponds and some very cute villages in Krishna‘s home region. They have entertained me with many stories about the region, the customs of the area (like an evening aarti next to a river) and spoiled me for choice of food. Cycling through the old part of Agra has been exciting and impressive. The visit of the Taj Mahal was the highlight of my stay in India and has been an incredible experience. Thank you!

Delhi Agra Cycle Trip

I took the Delhi-Agra cycle tour, which was an amazing way to really experience the country in many different facets. We started by driving out of Delhi for two hours, followed by a breakfast of delicious tandoor-cooked parathas. Then we started cycling through the villages, with explanations about Krishna's life by our knowledgeable guides. We visited temples and had proper chai and lassi, and were greeted by many curious locals who wanted to talk to us and hang out with us. We ended the first day by visiting a puja on the river and then had some local street food. We slept really well after that outdoor-day, and the next morning went to Agra by car. There we visited Taj Mahal, followed by another delicious local breakfast of puri, and cycled through the craziness of Agra. This was a whole different experience, and was very rich in colour and sound.
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3 days ago

Delhi By Cycle

24 Spokes, Our first attempt to raise a voice for cycling in Delhi. With ride and talk, it was one of the most beautiful experience on 02nd June, 2019.With more than 50+ people from 15+ countries came together to ride, talk and share opinion.

Share the pictures, tag yourself and your friends. Feel love for cycles, city and environment.
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2 weeks ago

Delhi By Cycle

A Chai glass half full or half empty? How was your chai with us? #CycleTour #DelhiByCycle

PC: Why HR Is A Traveler
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