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We are the FIRST City Cycling Tour Company in India established in 2009.
Close to 10,000 tours and more than 40,000 clients later, we are still very excited to give you an experience of a lifetime through our tours. Over the period of 10 years, we have expanded and now organizes Long Distance Cycling, Walking Tours, Food Tours, Photography Walks and Cycling Events along with our original City Cycle Tours.

Delhi Agra Cycle Trip

Beautiful villages, countryside, and stories overshadowed by Taj Mahal and New Delhi are waiting for you in this culturally awakening trip with a hint of spirituality.

Shah Jahan Tour

Experience Old Delhi by bike, intense and full of history. The Shah Jahan Tour is DelhiByCycle’s classic recipe for an exhilarating glimpse into the life and times of the great

Lodhi Art Tour

Street Art and The City : Lodhi Art Cycle Tour  Started in 2016 and officially inaugurated in 2019 Lodhi is India’s first public art district. Over the years it has become

Why Choose Us?

India's First

Established in 2009, we are the First City Cycle Tour Company in India. Over 10 years we are providing great experience for our clients.

Choice of the Best

From Lonely Planet to TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame! CEOs of Fortune 500, Ministers of different countries and sports teams, all have been with us. You know, whom to choose.

Passionate Team

A small team of storytellers, city lovers, lane explorers, photographers, foodies, party hoppers, entrepreneurs and what not! Each one of us is passionate about what we do.

Handpicked Routes

We put a lot of effort into designing our tours. We are striving to give you an authentic experience. Our handpicked routes will never seize to amaze you.

Amazing Stories

We focus on stories rather than historical dates and figures. If you love to hear stories of the new places, you must meet our team of wonderful storytellers.

Our Love for Chai

Last but not the least, we love chai. So you are always welcome to come over to our office for a chai. We will give you more stories.

What Our Clients Say

Astrid Hanewinkel

Raj Tour

It was a fantastic bicycle ride early in the morning. We had a lot of fun! Many thanks to the great guides Jibin and Mukesh. Also for the interesting information about india.

Shah Jahan Tour

Background - solo Malaysian dude, moderate cycling ability, used to motorcycling on busy Malaysian streets. You will not find a better way to explore Old Delhi than on bicycle! Priyam and Mukesh were amazing guides, and they really brought me on an adventure. This is not some typical road-riding trip -we literally bumped shoulders with the locals as we tore through the ancient back-alleys. It felt like an off-roading experience at one point as we went through cobbled roads and potholes! The chai (tea) break by the roadside and breakfast at Karim's really capped it off.

Delhi Agra Cycle Trip

Let me start by saying this tour is wonderful!!! It’s everything is says on the website and more. We initially thought it was on the more expensive side but when you break down what you get it is not at all and is worth every penny. If you want to cycle through the “Real India” on top notch bikes, eating at wonderful local restaurants (vetted by the guides) and get to visit the Taj Mahal then take this tour. Our guides Jeswin and Ahmer were simply incredible. They were attentive, informed, funny and caring. Their positive outlook on life was
Kirtida Kale

Delhi 6 Diaries

We did this on the 6th of October. Our guide, Jessvin was waiting for outside Lal Qila Metro Gate 1 at 4pm.... after taking us through different lanes which were bursting with chiarascuro of colours and smells and sounds, he found pockets of silence where he took us through the history of Chandni Chowk. He showed us the Khari Baoli and the different spots mentioned on the tour itinerary.. We sampled some delicious Delhi 6 cuisine, Jalebi, Mutter Samosa, Nan Khatai and chai... Jessvin ended the tour on a sombre note at the Sisganj Gurudwara.. He went one step further


      3rd time in Delhi, not expecting great surprises - wrong... The Delhi By Cycle’s 4+ hours tour was just amazing. It is not an easy tour: physically and emotionally, but... read more


      We went on the nizamuddin tour with dbc, all super well organised, the route was interesting and our guides knowledgeable and fun. Thanks for a unique experience!


      Was weekending over during my first business trip to Delhi and decided to follow couple my love for experiencing new places with my passion for cycling, so I booked two... read more


      These guys are fantastic! I booked very easily on Trip Advisor. But when we discovered the night before our tour that we could not do it that day, we contacted... read more

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Old Delhi Walking Tour is more about the stories of Shahjahanabad, once one of the most beautiful cities on this

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