Beyond the Golden Triangle of India
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India is one of the most aspired countries to be visited for many travelers around the world, who seek for exotic places and all things new. So new at times that a region of India seems more than enough to absorb, and one couldn’t fathom that there would be more to offer in this land. The land that promotes unity in diversity but often making many tourists ignore the depth of diversity that we pride ourselves upon.

No one is oblivious to the golden triangle holiday loop of India, the famous Delhi-Jaipur-Agra road trip. This journey makes people see vibrant cities with age-old history and experience the king-size lifestyle led by today’s and yesteryears royalties. Anyone who has been to these places would know that the rural lifestyle here is nothing less than royalty of its own with rich tradition and culture not found anywhere else.

The tradition of music, dance, art, and food that have a long journey of its own is showcased in the most beautiful way that would make people yearn to come back to India. But is it the desire to see more of the same or the hunger for something fresher that India has to offer? Unfortunately, on global tourism network, there isn’t much promotion or details about other Indian cities. We want to bridge this gap of information slowly by sharing just a couple of the different paths that you may consider for your next vacation to the mighty land of gods and goddesses.

Let’s call this the Diamond Loop

Keeping Delhi as the starting point of the journey, from here one can drive up north towards the Himalayan mountain ranges that will bless you with fresh air and greenery. The gigantic ranges of Himalayas have long been the numero uno place to visit for serious explorers from time unknown.

Travel the road from Delhi towards Uttarakhand, then to Himachal Pradesh and stop over at Punjab before finally heading back to Delhi with memories of the meadows, snow peaked mountains, vast greens, religious traditions, varied cultures, sports adventure and the alluring different lifestyles witnessed before bidding adieu until next time.

Let’s look East

Far from the maddening crowd is another world that flourishes in the gift of nature. The Himalayan ranges extend its arm all the way to the North East of India which is known as the Seven Sisters and there is also the brother state that is often neglected but only in name under the shadow of the more popular tagline of the sisters.

From being the most ignored region of India, one can arguably state that some of the cleanest villages in Asia are found here. With Manipur once named as The Land of Jewels by a former Prime Minister of India, to Shillong, capital of Meghalaya globally referred to as the Rock (Music) Capital of India to picturesque Arunachal Pradesh giving chills to other valleys, these are just a few drops of an ocean of different world in India. To say the least, it will be heaven for travelers and wanderers.

It won’t be right to not mention that the gastronomic experience in The Diamond Loop and North East India will be nothing short of a delightful surprise, with each state giving you a new taste. One better than the other and the discovery of new cuisines keeps continuing.

True to my words, India doesn’t stop being mesmerizing and surprising. Just as it impossible to travel the length and breadth of the country in one holiday trip, it will be a fool’s ambition to plan to write about all of India’s hidden gems in one article. The never-ending saga of travel tales will continue…

Keep looking out for this blog for more travel ideas and details on each of them.

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March 28, 2019
Beautifully written and a crisp short introduction to both the diamond loop and the north east that is hardly known by the rest of the world. This is such an opener for people who wants to travel to India and explore the unexplored hidden gems in India.
May 24, 2019
Thank you Gyanen for your kind comment!! Will try giving detail ideas as well in the later articles. Hope you enjoy reading more ahead....
September 20, 2019
North East India is one of the naturally and culturally rich and diverse region in India...and completly untouched. Here are few of my cycling article
October 7, 2019
Indeed it is. One that must be explored but not exploited at the expense of it. As travellers, let's promote eco friendly trips. Thanks for your comment.
October 8, 2019
A wonderful article. This is a very informative post. I am searching this information for a few days and I have received this information on your blog. Your blog is very informative. Thanks for sharing this information with us.
Travel India
October 23, 2019
Wow Pretty Impressive, liked your representation of Diamond loop. Refreshed all the memories of my North India tour last year. I especially enjoyed my time at cities like Shimla and Manali in Himachal as my tour agent had local expertise in that city. The tour team precisely scheduled the entire day itinerary and allowed me to travel all popular spots.
October 23, 2019
Golden Triangle of India is really nice blog you shared with me. I am impressed with this blog. Thanks a lot for this beauty Enjoying article with me. I appreciate it very much!

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