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Delhi By Cycle, Old Delhi Bike Tour is Delhi

Thousands of days ago when nobody dared to think the unthinkable about riding a cycle in the city of Delhi, an idea was ignited to ride the path less ridden. An unknown experience was around the corner, curiosity was killing that cat but with all this, came the most exhilarating sense of something new.

Little did anyone know but the people, whose city was chosen to be explored were in for a surprise, for they never thought the worldly travelers would want to visit them at all. That too on cycles! “Who cycles for leisure in this crowded city” was the burning question in everyone’s mind. Most tourists had by then probably journeyed the small and old cities of India only through books making each create their own imagination, usually far from reality. Or perhaps heard about them in narration by wanderers and seekers who rightly so weave the stories from their own perspective.

Delhi By Cycle, Bike Tour is Delhi

And for this reason, the bright idea of giving a cycling tour of lesser known places in Delhi was just. The aim was to give the first-hand experience of the mystical places of Delhi to people on cycles; to slow down when suddenly aroma of spices fills up the air or when the eyes catch an unexpected picturesque flock of birds that change the horizon or simply to get a foothold on the pedal and use their photography skills to capture the marvel architecture of another world.

Delhi By Cycle, Bike Tours in Delhi

Besides, with the rise of pollution and serpentine-like traffic jams, Delhi screamed for help for a more environmentally friendly solution on the road. Delhi by Cycle secretly aimed to be the inspiration for city dwellers to adopt cycling as a means of everyday conveyance and in the span of less than a decade, there has been a slow but steady rise in the use of the world’s best two-wheeler invention. Be it for an exercise routine or simply challenging themselves to take DelhibyCycle tours to see their very own city has been nothing less than a feeling of success for the team. With the Indian capital also promoting cycling by installing rental cycles at various junctions, it sure does spark more hope.

Delhi By Cycle. Cycle Tour in Delhi

The yearning for story-telling, creating memorable moments and healthy living marks the underlying vision of this first family of cycling lovers. As life demands of all to pedal ahead, DelhibyCycle has also started to pedal its wheels to neighboring cities like Agra and Jaipur to further spread the love and joy of its vision. Ironically, going back to the basics of traveling i.e. cycling is making everyone challenge themselves to wheel out of the comfort zone and ride to self-discovery over and over again. And when that happens, and our dear visitors express that they realized something new about life beyond enjoying the cycling adventure on the tour, our mission is flatteringly achieved.

Delhi By Cycle, India's First City Cycle Tour Team

It’s all in the perspective. Just change the way and you may find a new world in the same place you have been living.

…we chose bicycles.

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Tulsi Sinam


March 20, 2019
Excellent. Sitting in Australia here, reading your article I can really feel Delhi again. I look forward to more.
March 26, 2019
Thank you so much Vandana! Hoping that you visit Delhi soon again and enjoy a ride with DelhibyCycle.
March 28, 2019
Never thought I would be willing to bike in the hustling and bustling city but I will certainly do this tour when I visit next time! I felt like I was in the experience as I was reading your article. It brought me nostalgia and memories of my good old Delhi times. Thanks for connecting me back to the city where I belonged at one phase of my life.
May 24, 2019
So glad to know this inspired you and thank you for sharing your thoughts!! Welcome to DelhibyCycle anytime. :D

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