Delhi’s first ever Treasure Hunt on cycles
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We did it again! After the successful completion of our World bicycle day event, 24 Spokes, we pulled off another successful event. This time it was a unique event for Delhi.

Delhi might have seen many treasure hunts, but not one on bicycles. But not anymore! Last Sunday, before the Diwali weekend, we have organised a Treasure Hunt on bicycles. The response we received was quite overwhelming.

It only took a few days for half of the slots to get filled up. At the end of the registration period, we had 21 teams registered for the event!

The idea of Cycle Treasure Hunt

Being a pro-cycling company, we wanted to experiment something that involved cycling in an effort to promote cycling in a city like Delhi. So our team thought why not a treasure hunt on cycles. That is how we decided to organise DBC Treasure hunt.

We prepared a series of clues/hints to find the treasure which is spread in and around Delhi, within a radius of 5km from our usual tour meeting point. The treasure hunters were given our bicycles along with with one long sheet of clues. Thus the hunt began.

The DBC hunters had to solve 4 – Number clues in order to be able to open the treasure chest. A few of them got it right, some of them couldn’t get all the 4 digits, some of them got the numbers wrong. But we are pretty sure that everyone had a great time figuring out these clues and finishing off the tasks given to them.

Here is video log made by one of our treasure hunters Damanjeet Singh. This will give you an idea of how much fun it was to participate in this event.

Our Sponsors

The success of our event wouldn’t have happened without the support of our sponsors. As usual KLM Royal Dutch Airlines gave us great support for this event as well. The first bicycle-based lifestyle brand, “Whats Your Kick” also gave one of the biggest supports by providing us with coolest cycling based gifts for this event. “Cafe Amsterdam” also offered great support for this event. Then came “Crazy Planet” offering all the participants of the Treasure Hunt a chance to party till they drop by offering an invite-only party at Mango Bar and Kitchen.

Some Pictures from the event

Our Gratitude

We would like to thank everyone – who joined this event, who supported this event and who asks us for the dates for the next event – from the bottom of our hearts for making Delhi’s first treasure hunt on bikes, a great success. We hear you and we will soon organise other cool events. Do follow us to get updates on our new events. Check out us on Instagram.

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