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“Old Delhi by bike? What? Is it even possible?”

This is one of the most common questions you get to hear from someone who is new to Delhi. We admit that some Indians and even some local Delhite do have this question in their mind. But our answer to the question – “Can a person with less experience in Delhi, especially if it is a foreigner, cycle around Old Delhi area?”- is a definite YES! Here is why.

Old Delhi and the Chaos

We understand your concern. Old Delhi can be pretty busy, noisy and crowded almost all the time at any given day. It can be quite overwhelming for a first time visitor. We do understand that. But if you want to stay in your comfort zone, you are missing out on a lot of things. We don’t want that for you.

Delhi by bike cycle tours

That is the very reason why we conduct our tours quite early in the morning to avoid that rush and to give you a great experience of Old Delhi. If you are in Delhi, you really don’t want to miss what Old Delhi has to offer!

Do you want to hear what one of our clients says?

What a great tour! I have been several times in India and also for the 2nd time in Old Delhi. But in a cycle tour a complete different experience. Good we left very early in the morning otherwise we were not able anymore to cycle through the narrow streets in the labyrinth of Old Delhi. Amazing adventure!

So the question is, do you want to miss out on an amazing adventure?

How do we ensure safety?

You might have now understood that we try to avoid the rush by going early in the morning. But you might not still be convinced that it is quite safe. Then comes our superhero Co-Guide to your rescue! Yes, we have a co-guide along with the Guide for all the tours. One of the prime duty of our Co-Guide is to protect you from almost anything from that can happen on the road.

Here is our guide and co-guide in action

Our guide Priyam was knowledgeable and he and his colleague Ram took good care to keep us safe in traffic! -Christine S


Delhi by bike tours

What If I am not an expert cyclist

You have more questions! It is normal. People always have many questions about India and especially about Delhi. And if you are a first time visitor, we can imagine the questions that are running in your mind before the trip. So what if you are not an expert on the bike?

Well, you don’t have to be a real expert to join our tours. Our Guides and Co-guides are known to take good care of the travellers who travel with us! They know when to stop, where to stop, how long to stop, how to make everyone cross a busy junction and so on. Remember the superhero Co-guide we mentioned earlier? He will even block an ongoing traffic so that you can cross the road safely.

It won’t be the first time we’d be seeing someone who says “I’m no expert on a bike.” Want some proof?

If you are like us and not an expert on the bike – don’t worry !! – Natalie L

We are a family of five, including three children aged 17, 14 and 9 – Enemalm

I was thinking I am not going to make it as the streets are chaotic and I definitely think you need to have cycling experience to handle it. Yet if you do and learn to let go, you start to discover the beauty of Delhi. – Seren

They all have finished cycling through Old Delhi and loved their experience. And above all made it alive unlike you were thinking!

shah jahan old delhi tour by delhi by bike

Our Experience

Can we say something about our experience? We are not going to brag, but just going to state some facts.

This Old Delhi by bike experience, what we call as Shah Jahan tour was created back in 2009. We take pride in creating an original tour product. You can find Newspaper mentions and videos about our Old Delhi tour, right from 2009 on our Media Mention page.

Starting from 2009, we have been continuously doing this tour for more than 10 years now. During these 10 years, we are known to do all tours, including this Old Delhi by bike with utmost safety and professionalism.

By saying that, we just want you to understand that it is completely safe to cycle around in Old Delhi. More than that it is fun and a great experience which you don’t want to miss. Check out our video, you will know why.

Here are 10 reasons to do Tour Old Delhi by bike


You have to do our Shah Jahan tour to..

  • To know more about the walled city of Old Delhi
  • To see the daily life of people of Old Delhi
  • To visit the amazing spice market
  • To get to know about the story of Shahjahanabad
  • To get an introduction about British built Civil lanes
  • To see and experience many contrasts
  • To get a sneak peek of the first hotel built in Delhi
  • To have great conversations over chai
  • To have a great Mogul breakfast at a 110-year-old restaurant
  • And of course to meet our amazing tour guides and to get to know the stories.

If you want to know all other details about Old Delhi Shah Jahan Tour, check this link. Also check out Shah Jahan tour : the first city cycle tour in india

Shah jahan tour delhi by bike

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