In the year 2009, it all started with an Idea that let’s use the best vehicle of the planet to explore the lanes of Old Delhi, capture thousands of expressions, activate all your senses, dive into the chapters of history, have a deep look in the buildings of lost era with their own amazing style of architecture.  Jack, Founder of Delhi By Cycle, then reporter of a Dutch Newspaper came up with this beautiful idea to explore Old Delhi on cycles and make others explore the same. And since then Delhi By Cycle has been through a glorious journey of showing Delhi to more than 30000+ people from across the world.

Why named Shahjahan Tour?

As the city of Old Delhi was constructed by Mogul emperor Shahjahan when he decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. The richest empire in the world decided to move it’s capital therefore, they were in need of a completely new city and therefore, Shahjahan decided to construct one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Indeed, this city was one of the most beautiful city and now one of the most interesting cities in the world. Hence, we named this tour as Shahjahan Tour.

Beautiful Journey

Since 2009, DBC hosted a lot of cycle lovers from across the world! Inspired a lot more cycle tour teams in different Indian cities. Bike tours in India received a new meaning and we received several accolades from across the world. Team DBC hosted few celebrities, ministers of several nations, few national sports teams of other countries, CEOs of fortune 500, and thousands of beautiful souls. Sharing smiles and stories with them was a beautiful journey for Delhi By Cycle team.

Showing The Real India

Since the beginning, we never decided to hide anything and just present the artificial beauty to the world. We presented what is real, we present the good, bad and ugly with any censor! Shahjahan Tour made a lot of things open to the world, from the hidden secret spice market rooftops(not hidden anymore) to the hidden chai lanes of civil lines. The stories of Chandani Chowk and Sishganj Gurudwara traveled the whole world. Managing through this beautiful organized chaos created a lifetime experience for every single person and people mentioned this in their reviews all the time.

As we are going to celebrate 10 years of Delhi By Cycle and Shahjahan Tour next year. A lot will happen in the year 2019! We would like to invite everyone to experience some special tours of DBC which will only happen in that time period. Bike Tours in Delhi changed forever since Shahjahan Tour was started in 2009. We promise to come up with new ideas to show to real Delhi and India to make to listen to hidden stories and to make to ride the unknown lanes. As smiles can only be shared while traveling slow.

About Author

No extraordinary story of leaving a big corporate to follow dreams! In fact, he never applied for a 'real' job ever. Director & CEO of DBC, he is literally a jack of all trades and is in love with telling stories, taking pictures, cycles, writing poems. Calls himself a multi-local Indian and can make you fall in love with India. Considers himself an old spiritual soul and famous for his deep talks and poor jokes in close friend circle. If you are on a tour with him, be assured that you are with one of the best in India!


Pakhi Garg
November 30, 2018
Amazingly beautiful idea. Want to be the part of it.
December 1, 2018
I have been with DBC ,One early morning of August 2017 but still I am remembering that cyclist in me and in bonus knowing Delhi at core.🙏😊 Doing Great job.👍

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