“Can you tell me the best places to visit in Delhi before my flight tomorrow?”

“Where do you suggest I go after this tour? I don’t want to go back to the hotel?”

These are some of the most common questions at the end of our tour. Delhi is more than just a connecting city! It is adorned with history, stories of which you can feel in the monuments scattered around the Aravalli range where Delhi proudly flourishes. It spoils you with choices of local cuisines and street food that can’t be compared with the expansive meal under the high ceilings. To each their own, so if you are looking for fine dine restaurants, there is no dearth of global menus for it either. And there is plethora of activities to get your adrenaline rush once again. Where do we start with such a gamut of options? Here are some simple yet awesome ideas to complete your day…

What to see?

If you are a history buff, make your way towards the Humayun Tomb and Safdarjung Tomb to continue your quest for answers about the Mughal rulers’ reign and their architectural style about which we converse in our Old Delhi tours specifically. Or travel centuries back in time before the Mughal Empire rule and pay a grand visit to the tallest brick minaret in the worldQutab Minar to understand about the first dynasty of Delhi Sultanate i.e. Mamluk dynasty. The Delhi Sultanate was annexed by the Mughal Empire in 1526.

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Where to shop?

If shopping means taking back some memories of India, then your search ends at Janpath. Think souvenirs, shoes, clothing, accessories etc. and you find it here that boast of local handicrafts and handlooms. There are tales of yesteryears behind the welcoming smiles, some of whom are decedents of Tibetan refugees who were given shops to run by the Indian government. It is one of the most significant radial road from the commercial and high-street shopping hub, Connaught Place, a masterpiece of British Colonial architectural design.

Connaught Place, Delhi By Cycle, Cycle Tours in Delhi

Where to unwind?

Look past the jungle of concrete and true to its word, there are jungles of nature as well where you can relax after an adventurous 4 hours of cycling in Delhi with us. Unravel at the Lodhi Garden with lush green lawns, bushes, and trees that beautifully frame the monuments within it from Lodhi Dynasty, the last dynasty of the five that ruled over the Delhi Sultanate. Or switch your rails to a different history by visiting the Rail Museum and discover about the chronicle of Indian trains and enjoy the ride.

What to experience?

There is more than a historical journey of time immemorial in the capital city. Dive into another realm of experience of cinemas in an open-air theater or groove your way to a musical event; be it live bands in resto-bars or concerts held across the city if you are lucky to be around at the time. If the adventure in you is seeking for some more thrill, glide your way to an air safari and appreciate Delhi from a completely new perspective.

How to get around and what to keep in mind?

The best and safest way to get around the city is by metro rail network besides booking a cab or a three-wheeler auto. Keep in mind that all autos have a meter and you would want them to use it. If not, I trust that you have some very strong negotiation skills!

There is always a next time, but why not see the most of Delhi in this trip of yours? Time to plan out your day post a wonderful cycling tour of Delhi with yours truly, Delhi by Cycle.

Best Things in Life Comes for Free

As I always say that it is impossible to explore Delhi in a few days, you need at least 8-10 days if you want to explore and understand the city. There are more than 1300 monuments in the city with timeline going back to 850 AD, 10 dynasties, amazing history, and stories, several museums, gardens, round the year cultural events and not so known but amazing nightlife. So, in this blog, I am going to share a day where you need not spend on anything except traveling and food and enjoy the city, because the best things in life come for free.


You can start your day by paying homage to Father of Nation and peace icon of the world, Mahatma Gandhi. His memorial is situated quite near to central Delhi and old Delhi, known as Rajghat (Google Maps). There is also an interesting picture gallery on the other side of the road, near parking known as ‘Gandhi Darshan’. There is a beautiful lake behind Rajghat within the connected gardens and other memorials, a place to sit peacefully and enjoy the nature.

Suggested time to visit: Morning
Nearest Metro: ITO | Delhi Gate (Under Construction)


Akshardham (Map) is the largest Hindu temple in the world. The art on the wall, stonework and stories written along with the art is a reflection of India’s ancient tradition and architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. You cannot take anything inside except purse, wallets and small lady handbag. You need to deposit everything in the locker room near the entrance. So, you cannot click pictures inside, which is good in a way, because you will focus completely on magic created by hands! Everything is so perfect that it is difficult to describe it in words. You need to visit it to feel the immortal beauty. Iron is not used in the construction of this temple as the ancient tradition of construction in India. If you want to see the light and sound show, you need to be there by evening.

Suggested time to visit: 10 am | Closed on Monday
Nearest Metro: Akshardham Metro


Lodi Garden (Map) is considered as one of the most beautiful gardens in India, this garden has something for everyone. With monuments dating back to 1300 AD, to exotic trees and more than 40 species of birds. A perfect place to sit, walk, explore and even to jog. Several ancient tombs and mosques are there in the garden compound. Beautiful place to click pictures and relax. I usually cycle to Lodi Garden early morning and jog around over the trek. Khan market is next to Lodi garden, you can visit the market for food, shopping, books or just coffee. Garden also has an exotic restaurant!

Suggested time to visit: Anytime before sunset
Nearest Metro: Jorbagh | Khan Market

Lodi Garden


If you really want to visit an amazing offbeat place in Delhi then you have to visit Mehrauli Archaeological Park (Map)! You can call this place the first Delhi of the modern period. The structures over here are as old as 900 AD with the first true arc of Indian architecture in the tomb of Balban. This whole place is covered with the trees and looks like a mini jungle. More than 5 big and several small monuments in the park to visit, this place has everything to amaze you. Suggested to visit with someone, not alone. It’s good even if you are even two people. Don’t miss the step well known as Rajon Ki BawoliTomb of Quli Khan and several other monuments. MAP is quite near to Qutb Minar (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and you can see it from almost all the monuments of MAP.

Suggested time to visit: Morning and Noon | Not Evening
Nearest Metro: Qutb Minar



Hauzkhas District Park (Map) is home to magnificent ruins of an Islamic school as old as 700 years, a lake, an urban jungle and place to experience the beautiful sunset. Just with somewhere in the ruins and see the sunset over the lake. It is amazing to experience that how that back the school used to accommodate students in hostel dorms with the separate room for students. Hauzkhas is also the place to experience the nightlife of Delhi, with some of the best cafes, bars, and restaurants situated at this place. You can choose to be at anyone after the sunset. Just experience that how two different timelines merge at this point, ancient India and the modern one.

Suggested time to visit: Evening
Nearest Metro Station: Hauzkhas Metro | Walk or tuk-tuk for Rs.50

Hauz Khas