Booking Terms and Conditions

1.The Booking 

All persons who wish to make a booking must carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions below. By making a booking by our website, telephone or any other web portal or agent, you accept on behalf of yourself and all those named on the booking including minors to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when the Company sends a confirmation by email. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the Company, here Jack´s Adventures Pvt. Ltd. and the Client relating to the subject matter herein and shall constitute a binding agreement.

2. Indemnity 

The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Jack´s Adventures Pvt. Ltd., its employees, affiliates etc. from claims arising out of or related to the guided bicycle tour under the brand name of DelhiByCycle.

3. Payment 

A full advance payment is required to make a confirmed booking. The payment can be done through the various options given in the booking procedure. The payment must be done directly at the time of booking, independent of the tour date.

4. Discounts 

We offer the following group discounts: 9+ people get 10%, 18+ people get 15%, 27+ people get 20%. If you join us for the third time you only pay 1350 Rs (17 Euro). If you are with us for the fifth time you are our guest free of charge.

5. Group size 

Due to safety and quality reasons we can host 9 people per tour only. If the group is bigger than 9 people we will split it up and run the tour back to back on the same date. If you are a single person we will be fitting you in any of our tours with other people.

6. Private tours 

For private tours and pricing please contact the office. Private tours are tours solely conducted for you without any other participants.

7. Children on the tour 

Children (any person below the age of 18 years) can join the tour if they have strong cycling skills and have a minimum height of 150 cms. If children are below 20 kg you can request for a baby seat free of cost.
Parents will be responsible for signing the Indemnity Form on behalf of the child. By signing this document, the parent participant agrees to take full individual responsibility for any kind of incident which may occur during the tour. Child participation without signing the document by the parent will not be allowed.

8. Punctuality 

Our tours start sharp on time. If you fail to reach the meeting point in time we do not take any responsibility for a missed tour. In case you miss a tour due to late arrival at the meeting point the tour amount will not be refunded in any case.

9. Cycling skills and physical fitness 

To take part in the tour you need to have good cycling skills and a general level of physical fitness. If there is any doubt about your cycling skills, the guide is authorized to cancel your tour participation due to safety regulations. The paid tour amount will not be refunded in case of being refused on the tour due to poor cycling skills.
To avoid any inconvenience and to respect local traditions during the tour, we kindly request you to dress appropriate for the cycling tour: Ladies are requested not to wear shot trousers or skirts as well as sleeveless shirt. Please ensure that you wear comfortable shoes.

10. Changes made by us 

We try our best to provide accurate and high quality service, yet we do reserve the right to change the route or smaller details of the tour if urgently required. If a route or tour change prior to the departure time is required, the client will be informed about the same. If the client does not approve the change, he or she has the right to get a full refund of the payment. Any changes required during the tour due to local or whether conditions can not result in any claim or refund.

11. Changes made by you 

If you require any last minute changes, we will do our best to cater your needs. If there is a limitation at our end, the company is not liable to provide any refund provided for the service unused as a result.

12. If you cancel 

If you cancel your tour 48 hours prior to departure time you will get a full refund of the tour amount. If you cancel the tour less than 48 hours prior to departure time there will be no refund of the tour amount or free re-schedule.

13. If we cancel due to weather conditions or security reasons 

If Jack´s Adventures needs to cancel a tour in advance, you will receive a full refund. For done by DBC on the tour date itself due to weather conditions or security reasons, we offer free re- booking for an alternative date, or a refund of Rs.1750/- of the booking price. NOTE: DBC is the sole decision maker about such last minute cancellations.

14.Tour price includes 

One bicycle, one English speaking guide and one supporting co-guide, snacks, tea, 500ml mineral water, breakfast, helmet (optional), boat ride including life jackets (Yamuna Tour), Baoli visit (Raj Tour), Haveli visit (Haveli Tour) and 5% service tax.
The tour price does not include any transport to the meeting point and back.

15. Language 

All tours are conducted in English. For special requests please contact the office.

16. Special needs 

If you have any sort of special needs or request please contact the office.

17. Authority on the trip 

Our guides are the sole authority on the tour; they are fully entitled by our company to take any required decision if needed. All clients are requested at all times to follow strictly the instructions of our guides and local authorities and laws.

18. Insurance 

Jack´s Adventures Pvt. Ltd. does not provide any kind of insurance for the participants or belongings. It is the client´s responsibility to obtain any insurance if required.

19. Privacy Policy 

The Company will provide personal information, as well as any personal information provided in relation to persons whose tour arrangements have been requested by the Client, to its staff members only. The Company will do all reasonably possible to protect personal information.

20. Newsletter 

DelhiByCycle might use the given e-mail address to send from time to time a topic related newsletter.